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The Chewjitsu Podcast

Oct 4, 2021

Heather Jo Clark is a retired professional mixed martial artist, former UFC Strawweight, and the head MMA coach and co-owner of "10th Planet Denver."

On this episode, Heather discusses her upbringing, playing professional Ice Hockey, finding MMA, being on "The Ultimate Fighter" Season 20, and starting her gym, “10th Planet Denver.”

Heather also shares how she discovered Jiu-Jitsu, finding MMA and her first pro MMA fight, the transition to the UFC, trying out for TUF, her greatest victory, the end of her fighting career, dealing with post-concussion syndrome and the treatments she has used in her recovery, dealing with ego and loss of identity, opening a gym with her boyfriend and former MMA fighter, Conor Heun, becoming the head MMA coach at her gym, earning respect as a female MMA coach, the importance of Women’s Only BJJ classes, the impact of her MMA coach Robert Follis, and how she describes herself as a coach.

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