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The Chewjitsu Podcast

Oct 17, 2022

Chewy and Eugene chat with BJJ legend Andre "Dedeco" Almeida.

Dedeco is a 6th degree BJJ black belt under Ricardo Liborio.

On this episode, Dedeco discusses owning and running a gym, the right way to open a Jiu-Jitsu gym, how Dedeco started teaching, how teaching improves your Jiu-Jitsu, the biggest mistake people make when opening a BJJ school, what makes a BJJ technique “right” or “wrong,” Dedeco’s start in BJJ, how he overcame severe anxiety with training BJJ, the importance of having a strong community, what BJJ training was like in the early days in Brazil, what it was like training with Wallid Ismael, learning important lessons from Ricardo De Le Riva, training with Ricardo Liborio, what changed Jiu-Jitsu into what it is today, and what Ricardo De La Riva was like as a coach.

You can follow Dedeco on Instagram  @Dedeco BJJ  and check out his gym

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