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The Chewjitsu Podcast

Jan 15, 2024

On this live recording of the Chewjitsu Podcast, Chewy and Eugene discuss 5 life lessons that they have learned from martial arts followed by a live Q&A.

We discuss the following ideas:

  1. Learning to grind.
  2. Being in control of your emotions.
  3. Understanding what failure is.
  4. Discovering the "After Feeling Focus."
  5. Learning to find intrinsic motivation.

Q&A Includes the following:

How to avoid getting injured after a long layoff.

How important is it to have playful rolls?

Recommendations on techniques after coming back from a major knee surgery.

How to help your child with pre-tournament jitters?

How to bond with others at the gym when constantly getting smashed during rolls?

Do I have to compete in order to become a coach and to teach BJJ?

How to evolve skills when unable to make it to class weekly?

How to help with motivation for BJJ?

What to focus on when switching from Gi to No-Gi?

How to get better when I’m the smallest person rolling?

How to go from playing a defensive bottom position to attacking more?

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