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The Chewjitsu Podcast

Apr 22, 2019

On this episode, Chewy discusses how you can become a better grappler by “becoming the grappler you hate."

By training with and learning from training partners that challenge you the most, you will be forced to improve and evolve your BJJ game.

3:30 Chewy discusses not having a fixed schedule and how this benefits his productivity.

4:45 What is a movement meditation and what are its benefits.

19:00 Is it better to learn how to apply a technique or learn to defend it when learning a new technique?

31:00 Start of Q&A

31:30 Do heavier and stronger grapplers not get promoted as quickly as lighter weight grapplers?

35:30 Whats the most important thing to work on as a white belt?

37:30 What strength of Charlotte’s Web CBD we use.

41:00 Is it offensive to ask a female training partner if you are going too rough with them?

45:00 Should the majority of your rolls be with training partners who are below your skill level?

48:00 As a more experienced white belt, should you “smash” the beginner white belts?

52:30 How to pick up the pace against bigger and stronger grapplers?

55:00 Should you strength train for BJJ?

1:01:00 How many times a week should you weight train?

1:05:00 What is the most dangerous submission?

1:10:00 Best submission to humble a wrestler?

1:13:45 Best advice for a first jiu-jitsu competition.

1:17:00 Book recommendations.

1:20:00 Chewjistu seminar information.