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The Chewjitsu Podcast

Jan 6, 2020

We are joined by Derby City MMA co-owner and S&C Coach Joe Clark to discuss the difficulties with starting and keeping a new routine, how tangible goal setting can help with improving your BJJ and strength, using negative emotions as fuel and why negative emotions are important for making progress, how much visualization can help your performance, and Q&A.
Q&A starts at: 30:00
30:45 Do you train at home, how, and what benefits?
36:15 What is the best way to increase flexibility?
40:00 How to respond when people make fun of BJJ?
43:43 Oldest person Chewy has ever tried in BJJ?
47:15 Leg locks for beginners?
51:30 How important is Diet vs. Strength Training vs. Flexibility?
59:30 Can you earn a BJJ black belt if you start training at 46 years old?
101:00 Should you call yourself a world Champion if you win in the Masters Division or non-black belt level?