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The Chewjitsu Podcast

Oct 5, 2020

Dr. Steve Mora is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports-related trauma, knee, shoulder and arthroscopic treatment of the hip and the elbow. He has been practicing for 18 years. Dr. Mora has worked with many MMA fighters and UFC world champions.

Dr. More shares how his injuries at a young age impacted his life and led to his desire to become a surgeon. He discusses how initially treating the injuries of police officers was similar to those of MMA fighters and eventually led to working with both of these populations.

We also discuss joint replacement surgeries, regenerative medicine such as stem cells, common injuries in MMA fighters and police officers, meniscus injuries in BJJ and options for treatment, what benefits stem cells have, training with a knee replacement, the most dangerous thing that can negatively impact your recovery, how to get an MRI for your knee, the strongest type of ACL repair and best repair for grapplers, and how to find a reputable surgeon.

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